Additions, 2020—Jean Charlot

Additions, 2020

New entries, new materials, and additional photos regarding the works and writings of Jean Charlot. Corrections, minor textual changes, and other adjustments might also be noted.

# Visual Arts


Added a portrait of Luz. completed

Murals and Sculpture

Four still lifes. Five photos of the fragments after its removal. completed

Portable Frescoes

Added one more image for La Criada. completed

# Writings


Correspondence with Anita Brenner. Four PDF documents representing folders of correspondence from the Anita Brenner Papers at the Harry Ransom Center. completed

Correspondence with Félix Rougier. Jean Charlot. May 10, 1923. completed

# On Jean Charlot

Writings on Jean Charlot

"Artist in residence". Eunica Escalante. FLUX Hawaii. completed

"Mexico in the art of Jean Charlot". Yohualli de la Villa. Voices of Mexico. 1994 July–September, Volume 28. completed

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