Additions, 2017

New entries, new materials, and additional photos regarding the works and writings of Jean Charlot added to the website during the year 2017.

Visual Arts

Works on Paper

Guerre 1918. New entry on new page for France. completed

Murals and Sculpture

Our Lady Star of the Sea. New entry. completed

Woman with Cradle. New page for existing entry without photos; photo found in newspaper. completed

St. Christopher. New photo scanned from newspaper. completed

Calvary. New photos. completed

Bachman Hall. New entry introducing its two murals with new photos. completed

Hawaiʻi Convention Center. New entry introducing two murals with new photos. completed

Night Hula. Added new photos and more information. completed

Chinese Rock. Added new photos. completed

Murals and Sculpture. Merger of the photos and information from the "Supplementary Photographs" page and the JCC "Murals and Sculptures" webpage (removed 2018-01-18) is officially completed and now publicly available. Additional entries and photos have been added, too, and continue to be added. completed

Portable Frescoes

Woman with Cradle. Portable fresco found on eBay. Permission acquired to use photos. completed



Jean Charlot Talking on Edward Weston. Converted text to PDF; appended index; linked index page numbers to location within PDF. completed


Updated links from all the images used throughout the website (Hawaiian Drummers, St. Brigid, etc.) leading to the newly released "Murals and Sculpture" pages. completed

Reorganized "Visual Arts" and "Works on Paper" and prepared for upcoming entries. Updated links. completed

"Recent Additions". New page. Added a link to it on the main TOC. completed

Revised main TOC for new link to "Recent Additions" page; updated to most recent styles for website for multidevice flexibility and improved legibility. Similarly revised other TOCs linked from main TOC. completed

Consolidated all TOCs into front page. Updated links for previous URLs. completed

Visual Arts


Illustrations for Le Miroir des Heures. New entry, over 80 photos of drawings. completed

Illustrations for Contes à ma Sœur. New entry, with photos. completed

Juvenilia 1904. New entry, with over 160 photos. completed

Works on Paper

Chemin de Croix dessiné et gravé sur bois de fil. New entry on "The Occupation of Germany". completed

Murals and Sculpture

The Jean and Zohmah Charlot House. New entry introducing a location with several artworks. Over 70 new photos combined from the JCC and an architectural blog (with permission). completed

The Negro in U.S. History. New entry. completed


Books and Booklets

Doors to Many Mansions (2016). Added this second edition to the current entry, and updated the related Episodes from the Life of Christ. Also updated the "Books and Booklets" page itself to current standards and styles (t.i. multidevice flexible and legible). completed

English Texts

“Death God in Stone”. Amendment. completed

“The Art of the Maya”. New entry. completed

On Jean Charlot

Books on Jean Charlot

Evelyn Giddings. Evelyn Giddings: an oral history about her work with Jean Charlot. Eight interviews December 12, 2014–August 27, 2015. New entry. completed



Revised the "Books on Jean Charlot" page with most recent styles for flexibility and appearance. completed

Revised "Works on Paper" main page and all items in "Drawings" section of Mexico with most recent styles for flexibility and appearance, and new navigation links. completed

Revised all items in "France". completed

Revised all items in "Washes & Gouaches" section of Mexico in "Works on Paper". This completes the regularization of all of "Works on Paper". completed

Visual Arts


"The Occupation of Germany".

Four new entries. completed

Six new entries. completed

L'Amitié. New page with 8 photos. completed

Three new entries and one new page. completed

"Drawings of twelve Apostles for title page of Chemin de Croix". New page with 13 photos. completed

Works on Paper

"Drawings of nudes" in Mexico. New page with four items moved from "Miscellaneous drawings". completed

"Miscellaneous drawings" in Mexico: four new entries. completed

"Portrait drawings" in Mexico.

"Drawings of Luz Jiménez" in Mexico.

"Street sketches: disassembled sketchbooks" in Mexico: one new entry. completed

"Yucatán" in "Washes & Gouaches" of Mexico: two new entries. completed

"Paintings of dances" in Mexico. New page with 25 photos. completed

On Jean Charlot

Books on Jean Charlot

Jean Charlot: Life and Work. John Charlot. Draft, 2017. Updates for the first volume, and several new PDFs for the second volume. completed

The "Books on Jean Charlot" page now has a target for each bibliographical entry so they can be referenced by URL as an alternative to sharing direct links to the documents. Documents have been renamed (and redirected) for URL friendliness. completed