Writings by Jean Charlot: A Bibliography—Jean Charlot
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Writings by Jean Charlot: A Bibliography

Janine M. Richardson

Honolulu, Hawaiʻi: The Jean Charlot Foundation, 2014

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Writings by Jean Charlot: A Bibliography (PDF version of published book)



Writings by Jean Charlot: A Bibliography is intended to serve as a functional bibliography for researchers interested in artist and scholar Jean Charlot’s (1898–1979) writings, and in the chronological appearance in these writings of his literary, artistic, and cultural interests. This is a bibliography researched and written not by a librarian, book cataloger, book collector, antiquarian, or artist, but by a researcher and writer with a background in literature and American history and an abiding interest in the context of the literary labors of writers from across the cultural spectrum. My interest in Jean Charlot began with my first encounters with his vibrant public art works in 1970s Honolulu, and continued with the editing work I did in 2010 on “Jean Charlot Interviews with John Charlot 1970–1978,” and other pieces.

In terms of method, in general, each published piece of writing has been given a distinct item number. Unpublished writings by Charlot that stand alone—that is, have no direct link to a published work—have a distinct item number if they have been posted online on the Jean Charlot Foundation website and appear as a “head” entry in one of the website’s tables of contents (see “Textes Français,” “Escritos Sobre Arte Mexicano,” and “English Texts”). “Spoken Word” items not directly associated with a published work have also been given distinct item numbers.

Frequently, a piece of writing exists in multiple published versions, for example, as an article in a magazine or journal, as a foreword, preface, or introduction in books by other authors, or in essay collections of Charlot’s own writings. Each first appearance in a distinct publication genre, i.e. book, magazine, journal, exhibition flyer, lecture, film, etc. has its own item number. Drafts of writings that were later published, posted online, or cataloged by a library system (University of Hawaiʻi Voyager online catalog, or Worldcat) are listed with the first print publication of their associated piece. Published reprints or revisions of books, articles, and translations are listed with the original publication.

Because Jean Charlot wrote in different languages over many decades and for multiple genres and occasions, boundaries cannot always be neatly drawn around his individual writings. Therefore, while partial cross-referencing appears within some entries, for more complete cross-referencing readers should also consult the title index where more expansive linkages are given.

Introductions, prefaces, forewords, and other such written material contributed by Charlot to books by other authors are indexed under the title of the published book, as well as the title of Charlot’s contribution. In entries where there was no specific title for Charlot’s work, the piece is indexed under the item’s generic label (for example, “Introduction”). In some cases, a foreword by Charlot to one of his own shows is listed in the bibliography. Such forewords are numerous and any inclusion here merely indicates that it has been posted on the Jean Charlot Foundation website.

Annotations for bibliographic items are intentionally brief and appear in brackets, as do unconfirmed dates and other editorial surmisals of facts. In annotations, “Morse number” refers to an art print’s identifying number as assigned by Peter Morse in his Jean Charlot’s Prints: A Catalogue Raisonné (1976). For extensive information regarding bibliographic items that have been posted online, the reader should consult the Jean Charlot Foundation website: Jean Charlot Foundation <https://jeancharlot.org> “Writings” section. Digitized versions of selected books authored or co-authored by Charlot are also available in their entirety at the Jean Charlot Foundation website (see website section titled “Books and Booklets”).

Bronwen Solyom, the Jean Charlot Collection’s curator, generously provided essential assistance throughout the various stages of this bibliography. Copies of most of the publications, manuscripts, and archival material listed in this bibliography may be consulted in the Jean Charlot Collection at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, Hamilton Library. Duplicate copies of some items may be found either in Hamilton Library’s Hawaiian or its Pacific Collections.

Th‌om‌as‌ P‌et‌er‌s‌ I‌I, the unofficial webmaster since 2009 for the Jean Charlot Foundation website, brought his careful attention and technical expertise to all things related to the final formatting, posting and printing of the bibliography. T‌ho‌m brought those same qualities to the checking of sources for me in the final stages of the work.

The 1961 Charlot bibliography compiled by William J. Petesch, and the bibliographic work accomplished through 2011 by John Charlot provided me with my initial framework of items. John also kept this project on track from beginning to end.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge and thank the Jean Charlot Foundation for the material support they provided in 2012 and 2014 for work on this bibliography.

I have intended Writings by Jean Charlot: A Bibliography to follow conventions set forth by D. W. Krummel in Bibliographies: Their Aims and Methods (1984). In terms of organization and presentation, my model was Keith Sagar and Stephen Tabor’s Ted Hughes: A Bibliography 1946–1980 (1983). Errors, as well as deviations in presentation, are strictly my own. Items that come to light after September 2014 will be assigned subsequent item numbers in an addendum. Corrections and comments are welcome.

Janine M. Richardson, Ph.D.
Haleʻiwa, Hawaiʻi
December 2014


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Books and booklets with Jean Charlot as author or co-author (excluding portfolios)

Books and booklets by other authors with writings by Jean Charlot (including exhibition catalogs for other artists)

Articles and other writings by Jean Charlot for magazines and journals

Newspaper writings by Jean Charlot

Honolulu Star-Bulletin Artcolumn by Jean Charlot

Spoken word: interviews, films, lectures and program remarks with or by Jean Charlot

Poetry by Jean Charlot

Selected letters from Jean Charlot

Unpublished books by Jean Charlot

Other unpublished writings by Jean Charlot

Title index

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